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Newly Published Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Efficacy of Equashield CSTD in Preventing Hazardous Drug Contamination When Compounding Cytotoxic Medications in RealWorld Setting

PORT WASHINGTON, New York, Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Equashield (, a leading provider of Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) for hazardous drugs, today announced the publication of a peer-reviewed study proving the effectiveness of its CSTD in eliminating leakage of hazardous materials when compounding antineoplastic drugs.

The European study, Effectiveness of Closed System Drug Transfer Devices in Reducing Leakage during Antineoplastic Drugs Compounding, was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. It revealed that, when compared to alternative closed systems, Equashield’s CSTD is effective in eliminating spills and leakage during gemcitabine (GEM) compounding. GEM is a chemotherapy medication used in a range on oncology treatments.

“It has been well documented that healthcare workers regularly exposed to antineoplastic drugs face an increased risk of adverse medical conditions, making a truly-closed CSTD an essential component when preparing and administering these medications,” said Marino Kriheli, Co-founder of Equashield. “This study, confirming Equashield’s CSTD is a completely closed device preventing more routes of exposure than alternative systems, illustrates the degree to which our product can protect healthcare workers from the risks of hazardous drug exposure.”

The study was conducted between 2016 and 2021 in the centralized cytotoxic drug preparation unit of a hospital in Genoa, Italy. Researchers analyzed wipe and pad samplings inside and outside the preparation area for GEM contamination. GEM was also measured using surface wipe sampling in the vial access device and the access port system to the IV bag after drug reconstitution and preparation. No detectable levels of GEM were found in any sample using the Equashield CSTD, suggesting it effectively eliminates spills and leaks when compounding antineoplastic drugs, as well as surface contaminations in the drug unit.

Designed from the ground up to mitigate all common routes of exposure, the Equashield CSTD includes a built-in pressure equalization system within the syringe barrel, eliminating bulky exterior air chambers; fully encapsulated syringe barrel, preventing escape of aerosols or vapors; dual internal needles that never leave the system, eliminating risk of needle sticks; and a double membrane locking system to ensure dry connections for every use. It is the only system designed with a dedicated metal plunger rod to mitigate syringe plunger contamination, a commonly overlooked route of exposure.

About Equashield
Equashield is a leading provider of manual and automated solutions for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs. Equashield’s product suite includes the EQUASHIELD® Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD), and EQUASHIELD® Pro, the first ever closed system-enabled Automated Pharmacy Compounding System. Equashield’s CSTD is clinically proven to protect healthcare professionals from hazardous drug exposure. It covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems and has passed the proposed 2015 alcohol vapor containment protocol from NIOSH, confirming that it can contain the harshest vapors and emissions. Studies have shown Equashield’s CSTD as faster to deploy and easier to use than competing systems. Used by hundreds of hospitals and clinics around the world, EQUASHIELD is CE marked and substantiated by the FDA for preventing microbial ingress for up to seven days.

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